Government provides more funds for hydrogen projects

A satellite image of Liverpool Bay, where the HyNet consortium plans to store CO2

Government has awarded £70m of funding for hydrogen projects, including production and industrial fuel switching.

It has also awarded £20m for smart and local energy projects.

Recipients of of funds for hydrogen projects include the HyNet consortium, which aims to build hydrogen plus CCS infrastructure in the North West, piping out emissions to be buried in the Irish Sea off Liverpool Bay, initially in the Hamilton Field.

HyNet’s backers hope to be “shovel ready” by next year, if they get the kind of investment framework they want from government. Today’s double tranche of funding suggests they might, though it is the carbon capture and storage aspect that is most challenging.

Other projects backed include ITM Power’s Gigastack project, where the firm is working with Ørsted and others to demonstrate hydrogen production from offshore wind. Ørsted said last month that is has set up a standalone hydrogen unit within its business.

See the full list of winners here.

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