Gridserve to develop charging network for electric HGVs


Gridserve is to lead the development of a new network of high-powered charging sites for electric HGVs at motorway service areas, truck stops and commercial depots.

The ‘Electric Freightway’ project, which consists of a consortium of 33 partner and member companies, will receive additional funding from the Department for Transport and Innovate UK’s Zero Emission HGV and Infrastructure Demonstrator programme.

In the initial two-year long procurement phase of the project, eHGV charging hubs will be installed at both motorway services areas and truck stops to support long distance travel around major trunk roads in the UK.

The project also includes more than 10 commercial depot charging locations for eHGVs.

In total, more than 200 chargers capable of delivering 350kW will be installed, including an initial trial of two 1-megawatt-capacity chargers.

About 140 eHGVs will initially be brought into fleets by UK-based companies to use the new network, with multi-national and small businesses collaborating side-by-side.

Data collection will run for five years to collate valuable insights into the electrification of eHGVs to support the ongoing transition.

Gridserve’s role as project lead involves managing and delivering the Electric Freightway project and sourcing the data needed to inform further progress towards eHGV adoption.

Gridserve will develop, deliver and operate the eHGV charging hubs at the motorway service areas as well as the commercial depot charging offerings.

Toddington Harper, CEO of Gridserve said, “This is a pioneering project for Gridserve that aims to move the needle in the debate about how to deliver net zero transport for heavy goods vehicles.

“We look forward to demonstrating and proving that battery powered electric heavy goods vehicles represents the optimum path to choose, delivering significant benefits over other technology routes in respect of ease and scale of deployment, driver experience, and favourable economics.”


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