InstaVolt doubles number of EV chargers at Banbury hub


InstaVolt is expanding its Banbury charging hub on the M40 to 16 rapid chargers, making it one of the UK’s largest motorway charging hubs.

The move will see eight Alpitronic chargers, capable of charging at speeds up to 150kW, installed by spring 2022.

There will be wider bays for easier access, with two extra-long bays featured in the upgraded site which will also allow electric vans and larger fleet vehicles to use the facility.

It currently features on-site facilities including a Costa Coffee and a Miller and Carter steakhouse, and will see an upgrade of its overall services, with extra lighting to be included to enhance drivers’ experience while charging.

InstaVolt installed 57 chargers in new locations during the period July to September.

Its technology delivers rapid charge via a connectionless, contactless payment and does not require a customer subscription.

InstaVolt’s Chief Executive Officer Adrian Keen (pictured) said, “The expansion of our Banbury charging hub shows the level of ambition and commitment InstaVolt is making as more drivers make the switch to EVs.

“As one of the most successful charging hubs in the UK, we’re incredibly proud and excited to be doubling the number of chargers at this location and creating one of the UK’s largest rapid charging hubs, offering additional ease of access to anyone needing to charge their vehicle while on a long journey across the country.

“We have been listening to drivers’ feedback and have responded accordingly, offering more spacious bays, while also providing additional lighting to enhance the customer experience.

“Drivers need to have confidence in convenience, reliability and customer service, which is why InstaVolt prioritises these when installing new chargers.

“The InstaVolt network is growing, and we are constantly reviewing a number of our existing locations for future expansion opportunities.”


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