Thurrock Power: RWE throws spanner in works for UK’s biggest hybrid battery plant


RWE has taken issue with Statera’s plans for a 750MW hybrid flexible power plant at Thurrock, adjacent to its former Tilbury power station.

The firm has written to the Planning Inspectorate expressing concern that its land has been included in planning documents.

Thurrock Power aims to deliver a 600MW flexible gas plant combined with a 150MW/600MWh battery – which would make it the biggest battery in the UK.

To build it requires construction of a causeway on the River Thames, heavy haul roads, further access to the adopted highway, environmental mitigation and grid connections, according to documents submitted to the inspectorate. “RWE is the owner of the land where such rights are sought and holds an interest on that land for the purposes of its undertaking,” states the firm.

While in negotiations with Statera, and “generally supportive” of the project, RWE said it “strongly objects”:

1. to the extensive access rights that the applicant seeks to impose on RWE’s landholding through compulsory acquisition powers, which could prevent the future development of the site;
2. to the proposal to acquire part of the site to mitigate ecological impacts of the development. RWE requires this land for its own ecological mitigation purposes; and
3. to the proposals for a causeway adjacent to the site.

RWE states it will “strongly resist the compulsory acquisition of land and rights over land which RWE owns and requires for development purposes”.

RWE floated plans to build a 100MW battery at Tilbury two years ago, but later shelved them.

Details here.

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