Ionity joins Electric Juice Network


Ionity has become the latest EV charging network to join Octopus Energy’s Electric Juice Network (EJN).

The company, based in Germany, has 350kW ultra-rapid chargers at key motorway service stations across the UK, and 335 charging locations across 24 countries.

Ionity follows charge point operators, Hubsta, Franklin Energy LiFe, Alfa Power, Plug-N-Go, and Osprey (formerly Engenie), in joining the EJN.

Drivers of EVs can pay with their Octopus Energy account across the participating charging networks, with all costs appearing on a single bill.

Ionity’s ultra-rapid chargers can charge an EV with a 50 kWh battery, such as a standard range Tesla Model 3, from 20% to 80% in less than ten minutes.

Pia Bretschneider, country manager, UK & Ireland at Ionity, said, “Next to the development of a reliable high-power charging network, easy access and a comfortable charging experience play a big role in the adaptation of e-mobility.

“We are therefore very pleased about the partnership with Electric Juice Network and their decision to offer their customers access to our high-power charging network.

“With this we can contribute to promoting greener transportation in the UK and increase the number of electric cars in the country.”

Zoisa North-Bond, director at Octopus Energy, added, “Transport is responsible for a third of all carbon emissions in the UK, so decarbonising our roads is a huge step we need to take in the race to net zero.

“More partners coming on board to EJN makes it easier for petrol car drivers to consider electric vehicles and simplifies the whole process for current EV drivers.

“Ionity joining is a fantastic milestone and gives EJN users more flexibility, opens up easier long-distance travel and begins bringing our mainland Europe charging coverage to life.”


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