Jacopa ups the tempo for wastewater treatment


JACOPA V3 COPAIn this sponsored post, wastewater treatment solution experts Jacopa details the successful deployment of two advanced Copa CB750 submerged aerated flotation (SAF) systems at the Tempo wastewater treatment works in Northern Ireland as part of a major upgrade.

Northern Ireland Water commissioned the £750,000 project, which serves the remote village of Tempo in county Fermanagh, to bring the works into line with Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) standards.

The improvements involve replacing ageing mechanical process equipment that has reached the end of its service life with a more energy-efficient treatment process.

The improved facility will increase the plant’s treatment capacity to 1260PE to accommodate population growth through to 2036, and will bring many environmental benefits including improvements to the water quality in local rivers and tributaries that flow into Lough Erne.

Key to the contract was a Northern Ireland Water requirement that main contractor Enisca must ensure the plant could continue providing treatment while the upgrade takes place. The two Jacopa SAF units and settling tank were commissioned to guarantee on-going treatment while a new CAS biological treatment system, pump station and other enhancements including instrumentation, automation, telemetry and control systems are installed.

The SAF units had to be able to provide treatment for the existing 921PE daily flow, to meet a 95 percentile consent requirement of 20mg/l BOD and 30mg/l suspended solids (SS).

The compact, mobile SAF units are available for hire in any situation that requires a reliable and robust treatment process. They were developed as a temporary biological wastewater treatment solution, but are so efficient that in several locations they have been adopted as a standard treatment choice.

The units are intended for sites that treat less than 2000PE per day, and are hailed as a robust solution that also encompasses treatment of BOD and ammonia.

The works at Tempo are due to be completed shortly, and the SAF units will be decommissioned and ready for future projects. The units’ usefulness is such that the hire fleet has grown to service Northern Ireland Water and Irish Water.


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