Keep calm and scale demand response, says Scottish energy security inquiry

No power blackouts in Scotland, say MPs.
Talking of system security in absolute terms – armageddon or bust – unhelpful, MPs say.

There is no need to panic about blackouts, an inquiry into Scotland’s energy security has been told. However, the committee has called for an increased focus on demand side response to help bolster system resilience.

Scotland’s Economy, Energy and Tourism committee concluded that there is little to no immediate risk of blackouts despite thin supply margins, and that headlines suggesting otherwise were hyperbole.

However, the committee’s report called for a greater focus on demand response to give energy users better control of their bills while increasing system security.

Meanwhile it urged both Scottish and National governments to consider the future role of National Grid and whether an independent energy ‘system architect’ might be required to plan a holistic energy system.

The report also concluded that the electricity settlement system would need to be reviewed if businesses and householders are to see the benefits of demand response.

See the report here.

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