Northern Powergrid launches EV charger connection tool


Northern Powergrid has launched a tool that helps people see where they can install EV chargers quickly and at lowest cost.

The grid operator said its AutoDesign software provides an indicative connection cost in minutes.

The DNO spent £1.1m improving asset data and developing the tool because its connections department is facing “unprecedented pressure” from people wanting to connect small scale generation and charging points onto its network.

As such, Northern Powergrid said engineering resource is tied up doing relatively routine work, diminishing its ability to do more complex stuff.

It hopes the tool will help solve that challenge, while easing frustration for customers.

“It will enable local authorities, EV installers and businesses planners to see, in a matter of minutes, the best locations to install chargers and the associated cost,” said Derek Fairbairn, system design manager at Northern Powergrid. “This newly available network data intelligence will significantly improve the EV connections process and help accelerate the clean transport transition.”

See the tool at

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