Petrol and diesel ban to be brought forward to 2035


Government plans to bring forward the ban on sales of new petrol and diesel cars and vans to 2035.

It will consult on bringing forward the ban, currently set at 2040, and now plans to include hybrids.

MPs have urged government to be more ambitious about phasing out petrol and diesel cars, calling for a phase out by 2032.

National Grid’s electric vehicles lead, Graeme Cooper, has suggested the power system could “absolutely” cope if a 2030 ban was imposed.

Government said it could bring in the ban earlier than 2035 “if a faster transition is feasible”.

The announcement was made to launch the next UN climate summit, COP26, taking in place in Glasgow later this year, and the UK’s proposed ‘year of climate action’.

Next week the Department for Transport is expected to launch its ‘decarbonisation of transport strategy’.

The government appointed EV Taskforce has called for policymakers and regulators to ensure electric vehicle owners are incentivised to unlock potentially gigawatts of flexibility.

Failure to do so could result in new ‘super peaks’ in demand on the power system and blow carbon budgets.

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  1. Absolute idiocy. These clowns will destroy the so-called “Western Economies”. We want to compete with a country that builds a hospital in two weeks? No chance, we might just as well hand over our US, UK and EU economies to China right now.

    Whilst the entire philosphy of reducing pollution and waste is admirable, the implementation of it will spell disaster for the “West”. The whole “Green” movement is infested with a Nazi-style dogma, is radical, and will spell the end of the “West” if thay are allowed to continue. Take the money out it it, and it will disappear “as a dream dies at the opening day”. Nothing more than an excuse to further tax the masses.

    These fanatics have no idea about the Carbon cycle. They say 97% of “scientists” agree with the whole climate change scenario? Let me remind you, that in 1935, 95% of Germany thought Hitler was a good idea. That turned out very badly, as will this climate change bandwagon.


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