Ofgem asks whether it needs to take further action over connections failures

Louise van Rensburg: Wants to see progress from DNOs on connections

Ofgem has urged businesses to inform its views on whether to take further action against distribution networks over connections.

Connections and export agreements are one of the key challenges in scaling demand-side response. The process can be technically challenging, costly and time consuming.

The regulator has already set out proposals to clawback revenue from distribution network operators (DNOs) for perceived connections service failures. It is consulting on whether to do so.

While that consultation has now closed, Louise van Rensburg, head of flexibility and whole systems coordination, said the regulator still seeks views and may take further action.

“We want to see more progress and are looking at whether we need to do more,” she told a National Grid Power Responsive forum. “If you think that there are issues with connections and that we need to [take further action], email us via connections@ofgem.gov.uk.”


Ofgem also seeks further views on storage. Van Rensburg added that the regulator would issue two consultations around storage in the next few days. One would look at amending generation licences, the other clarifying rules on ownership of storage.

Of the latter consultation, she said Ofgem was supportive of DNO moves towards distribution system operators, but “feels strongly that they need to remain neutral”.

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