UK renewable generation capacity hits 38GW as coal prepares for extinction


UK renewable generation capacity hit 38GW in the second quarter of 2017, up 4.4GW on the same period in 2016.

Meanwhile, final energy consumption fell 4.1 per cent. Households used 12.7 per cent less energy than a year earlier, service sector energy consumption fell by 6.5 per cent, while industrial firms used 1 per cent less. The transport sector increased consumption by 1 per cent.

The department for business, energy and industrial strategy (Beis) said most of the fall was due to warmer weather and that on a temperature adjusted bases, final energy consumption fell by 0.7 per cent.

Renewable generation for the quarter hit a record 29.8%, due to higher wind speeds and capacity, around an extra hour a day of daylight hours on average, and lower overall power generation.

Low carbon generation achieved its highest ever share, at 54 per cent (29.8 per cent renewables, 23.6 per cent nuclear). Coal fell to its lowest share, at 2.1 per cent. Gas use dipped slightly, but it remains the largest component of the mix with 41.3 per cent during the quarter.

See the full set of statistics here.

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