Optimise energy efficiency, comply with legislation, payback in six months

23 years in the making…

Socomec has launched Diris Digiware. In this sponsored article, the firm claims its new digital range changes the game when it comes to electrical metering, measuring and monitoring. And it pays for itself within six months.

Socamec says the latest Diris range brings together groundbreaking digital electrical measuring technology – from sensors to software – to deliver an unrivaled degree of flexibility to installations. The company claims it is a unique, fully digital, multi-circuit plug and play measurement concept.

Compact and quick to install, Socomec claims Diris Digiware provides the industry’s most accurate and effective metering, measurement and monitoring of electrical energy quality and can be deployed in both new and existing installations.

So what are the customer benefits?

Rapid installation: Four times quicker than a conventional meter and simple to retrofit

Exceptional accuracy: 0.5% accuracy for the whole system from 2% to 120% of the current sensor primary current rating

Self-configuring: Plug and Play with automatic configuration and common displays for multi circuit systems

Infinitely scalable: Capable of monitoring thousands of connection points

Self-financing: Potential energy savings and low cost of installation can enable payback within six months

Optimised electrical network: Identifies the most demanding loads and monitor abnormal electrical values

Simplified network maintenance: The electrical energy quality monitoring functionality of Diris Digiware makes anticipating – and rectifying – electrical malfunctions easy

Space saving: Reduced footprint compared to alternative solutions

Reduced stock: Only nine current sensor ratings from 5 A to 6000A.

Andrew Wilkinson, Regional Managing Director, Socomec comments; “In 1992, a young engineer tasked with launching electronic development within Socomec’s then switchgear division focused his research on electrical multi-measurement. The vision of that young engineer – Michel Krumenacker – opened an entirely new market for Socomec, setting the industry benchmark. The Diris meter revolutionised the electrical multi-measurement market. Now, more than 20 years later, Socomec has again set the precedent in leading-edge power monitoring systems with the launch of the new Diris Digiware.”

Socomec’s stated mission is to find solutions to the world’s most critical energy issues.

Securing long term energy supplies, the identification of drivers for greener buildings, better use of people, energy, space and time – as well as supply, demand, security and storage issues related to energy consumption – are increasingly challenging and important issues for our industry.

The firm says its latest innovation enables customers to optimise energy efficiency and comply with the increasingly demanding legislative and policy demands.

To understand how your organisation could benefit from the latest in digital energy measurement technology, contact the Socomec team: info.scp.uk@socomec.com or visit www.socomec.co.uk

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