A total of four new public EV charging units from PoGo have gone live at the Southgate Retail Park in Derby.

Drivers at the site in Normanton Road can now power up using one of the two PoGo ultra-rapid 200kW Touch Plus chargers or one of the two 7kW chargers while they make use of the retail park’s shops and amenities, which include Starbucks and a gym.

The chargepoint areas have wide bays and hatched areas, and a cable management system to make them easy for drivers to use.

They also allow various payment options, including contactless bank cards, RFID payment cards, PoGo mobile app, Webpay, and Octopus Electroverse.

Southgate Retail Park is the first site in a pipeline of projects PoGo is planning with Real Estate Investors (REI).

This includes five more sites across the Midlands, where it hopes to install another eleven ultra-rapid chargers in the coming months.

Stuart Douglas, Managing Director at PoGo, said, “The addition of EV charging at REI’s Southgate Retail Park will help attract new customers to the shops and restaurants, supporting REI’s tenants at the same time as giving REI a consistent revenue stream and supporting its commitment to a more sustainable future.

“Demand for en route EV charging is growing and drivers want reliable charging at convenient locations.”

Jack Sears, Asset Manager at REI, said, “The PoGo team is taking care of the site analysis, design and installation, and providing the best charging technology and ongoing maintenance, to ensure that visitors have a quick and easy EV charging experience.

“We are prioritising the reduction of our own environmental impact, and by adding EV charging facilities at our sites we are also supporting the wider community and businesses who are similarly reducing their environmental impact.”


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