StoreDot: successful test of extreme fast charging battery cells


StoreDot has confirmed that its silicon dominant extreme fast charging (XFC) battery cells have successfully passed an extended set of charging profile tests.

According to the company, consecutive extreme fast charging conditions did not degrade its cells, even after 1000 consecutive XFC cycles.

In full cycle charge tests, emulating real-world use case, XFC was applied from 10% to 80% of the charge in 10 minutes, with the remaining charging cycle from 0-10% and 80-100% performed with slower (1C) charging.

In parallel, these silicon battery cells were also tested for full slow charging cycles from 0% to 100%, and also achieved a similar cycle life performance.

Despite each cycle applying XFC for most of the charge – 70% – the cells demonstrated no additional degradation — a result that is on a par with cells that were slow charged from 0-100%, emulating the common use case of levels 1 or 2 charging.

Global automotive and EV manufacturers like Daimler, Ola Electric, Polestar, VinFast, and Volvo Cars are already key strategic partners and investors of the company.

Dr Doron Myersdorf, StoreDot CEO said, “This remarkable accomplishment underscores our commitment to developing cutting-edge technology that is not only extremely fast but also highly durable.

“The tests safely delivered the charging speed that consumers demand with the best range, whilst preserving the longevity of the vehicle’s battery cells — a crucial combination in reducing users’ anxiety for achieving widespread adoption of EVs.

“The significance of testing our silicon-batteries under various use-case conditions demonstrates our battery’s robustness regardless of drivers’ charging habits, recharging frequency, or charger power.

“StoreDot is proud to spearhead battery technology advancements that accelerate mass EV adoption worldwide by giving drivers a seamless and routine worry -free extreme fast charging experience.”


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