Raising standards and driving best practice


AMPS stands for the Association of Manufacturers and suppliers of Power generating Systems. It is the trade association and industry voice for the UK’s world-leading diesel and gas-engine power generating sector and associated businesses.

Its members vary in scale from global FTSE 100-listed companies to micro businesses. However, what they have in common is a shared commitment to raising standards and driving best-practice in the generating set industry.

AMPS was incorporated in 1989 and has been providing technical guidance, lobbying support, networking opportunities and best-practice assistance for the industry ever since. Through the publication of regular guidelines on technical subjects and good industry practice and by monitoring new research and development activities, AMPS is continuing to strive to ensure the highest standards are maintained. Through its technical committee, members are actively encouraged to keep abreast of the latest industry developments.

With extensive experience in all aspects of the industry, the Association is in a unique position to give advice and guidance to prospective users of mobile or static power, from recommending suitable manufacturers to liaising with any government or public authority whose policies might affect the specification or material standards of the members’ products. Whether it is power for the Stock Exchange in London or critical life-saving equipment in hospitals, AMPS and its members can offer a wealth of experience.

Technical guides, white papers and a ‘jargon buster’ are just some of the useful features of the AMPS website (www.amps.org.uk), while visitors can also view details of the latest events, including its annual conference, and download the latest edition of its magazine, AMPS Power.


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