Real-time visibility needed to tackle edge infrastructure challenges


In their digital transformation, many companies are using cloud-based IT resources, from compute power to storage and applications, in order to improve the customer experience, streamline operations, and create new business opportunities.

To meet user expectations they need to complement these cloud-based resources — which is where edge computing comes in. Edge data centres help achieve higher bandwidth, lower latency, regulatory compliance around location and data privacy.

Edge data centres are often dispersed “lights out” facilities, with little to no IT staff. Traditional remote management solutions can be costly are not easily scalable. Innovative cloud-based platforms provide simplified remote monitoring and management, real-time visibility of status anytime, anywhere, on any device, predictive analytics to ensure proactive service visits only when they are required.

Dave Johnson, executive VP, secure power division, at Schneider Electric, predicts there will be three large edge computing opportunities – in the commercial, industrial and telco sectors. The ‘commercial edge’ will encompass retail, healthcare, finance and education sectors, while the ‘industrial edge’ will include the oil and gas, mining, automotive and manufacturing sectors.

To support IT professionals in developing a strategy to deploy IT at the edge, Schneider Electric has published a White Paper, entitled Solving Edge Computing Infrastructure Challenges. The paper creates a structure for anticipating potential issues at the edge and details how to identify an ecosystem of partners with which to collaborate, integrate and deliver all of the essential infrastructure components required. 

The White Paper highlights a need for a pre-integrated and collaborative approach within the vendor ecosystem, in addition to rule-based configuration tools, reference designs and cloud-based management software, to make edge solutions faster to deploy, more resilient, and cost-effective for customers.

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