Socomec launches fast and flexible UPS power solution


Socomec’s new three phase, medium power UPS Masterys range has been designed in the European Centre of Excellence and produced in the Socomec European manufacturing facility.  Based on the proven Masterys technology that has protected people and assets since 2004 – with more than 95,000 units deployed in the field across three generations – the world’s first high efficiency 3-level topology system has won the trust and approval – as well as certification – from the most demanding users.

Next generation technology – made simple

Recognised as a high performance, ultra-reliable system, the new fourth generation Masterys has been engineered to ensure the ongoing protection of people and assets whilst guaranteeing business continuity.

The new generation of Masterys BC+ is a cost-effective solution that’s easy to configure and order, and has been designed to meet specific needs within SMEs, commercial, light industrial and public sector organisations.

Thanks to an innovative approach – based on modern web and mobile digital tools – every step of the life cycle has been simplified. From the upstream product selection stage and configuration, to the sizing, installation and optimisation of the operation, this new system delivers simplicity and effectiveness to every hardworking infrastructure.

A flexible and cost-effective solution, the Masterys BC+ – available from 10 to 160kVA – simplifies a fast, professional installation.  A compact range of standard product references – with a variety of add-on options – makes choosing the right product straightforward.

Easily configurable for retrofit into existing installations, the system is fully equipped with input, output and manual bypass breakers in standard models.

With long autonomy engineered-in, and embedded digital technology, the system includes a free online sizing tool – eRULER – which provides physical and electrical data in advance of the installation. It’s also possible to use Socomec’s tutored eWIRE mobile app to guide users through the UPS installation.

Internal battery density has been increased for a reduced footprint and simplified installation and internal basic autonomy is available up to 80kVA – without additional external battery cabinets.

Front access provides quick and easy handling including switches, mimic panel and communication board. Positioned vertically or horizontally, the mimic panel can be rotated to enable the information displayed to be read easily.

Flexibility – by design

For those responsible for the installation of a new UPS – and the management of a range of constraints including floor space, the height of the electrical room, the presence of existing electrical equipment or furniture – this latest development will be a welcome solution.  To support even the most skilled engineers through the installation process, Socomec has designed a flexible solution that can be positioned in 3 different ways for maximum versatility.

It’s now possible to select the perfect configuration at the last minute – on-site – with Flex UPS: the first device that adapts to the environment rather than adapting the environment to the device.

Three positions are available depending upon the technical room space and type of battery frame. Freestanding – the system can adapt to the available space.  If floor-space is at a premium, the system can be wall mounted.  Alternatively, the system can be top-mounted for an easy, built-in solution.

With rapid delivery options available – even for deeply personalised configurations – your next installation or upgrade could be the simplest and most effective yet.

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