Rolec EV and Sinexcel to bring new rapid charging stations to UK


EV charge point manufacturer Rolec EV has partnered with global electric tech firm Sinexcel to introduce a new range of DC rapid charging stations to the UK offering speeds from 60kW through to 480kW.

The UltraCharge 160 is the first of three models to be introduced and to ensure suitability to the UK market, intensive testing was carried out at Rolec’s HQ in Lincolnshire for more than six months.

Deliveries will begin from February 2023, with the 160kW unit retailing at £25,000.

The UltraCharge 160’s intelligent dynamic power balancing feature enables two vehicles to charge simultaneously and can be activated via either mobile app, RFID, Apple Pay, Google Pay or contactless card payment.

It is easy to install, maintain and full support will be offered by both, Rolec and Sinexcel’s technical teams.

Sinexcel’s modular and scalable ultra-rapid charging station can be upgraded in modules of 20kW, up to 160kW, making it ideal for public, fleet and highway infrastructure deployment.

Rolec already offers a range of AC fast and DC rapid charging points and says the latest additions will be the most price competitive in the industry.

Frankie Mellon, Rolec’s sales director said, “We have worked extremely closely with Sinexcel to further develop the product to meet the requirements of the UK market, integrating with cars, lorries, buses, and to identify features we wished to include as standard for our clients, such as a contactless payment terminal and long reach cables.”

Charles Meng, Sinexcel’s country director said, “We are confident that working with Rolec will bring a lot of new changes to the EV Charging business in the UK/Europe.”


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