Severn Trent releases consumption data in bid to unlock renewables sites, smarter DSR and storage


Severn Trent released a cache of energy data last week in a bid to find more viable renewables sites, both on its own land and potentially off-site.

The water company also hopes its forthcoming hackathon will help inform its demand-side response and battery storage plans.

Energy manager Howard Perry told The Energyst that so far around 80 individuals have signed up to take part in the hackathon next week at its Coventry HQ.

The aim of the hackathon is to explore efficiency, generation and flexibility opportunities.

“We want to determine if there are any energy efficiency opportunities we just can’t see,” said Perry.

“Also, are there further renewable energy opportunities and potential partnerships out there. Historically we have generated on our own land and leveraged our own processes. But there may also be areas nearby where schemes may be viable. As we have high baseload demand, we may be an ideal partner,” he added.

Meanwhile, opening up real asset data to potential partners means more informed proposals from potential suppliers.

“You need real data to make an informed proposal – and it’s also a way of increasing transparency,” said Perry.

Severn Trent currently has around 14MW of DSR engaged in various products. Perry said it was a “very exciting area” and the firm is “looking at business cases in the coming year to do more”.

While Severn Trent does not currently have any large-scale batteries, Perry said it is “something we are looking at” and hopes the hackathon, which will enable participants to match actual demand profiles to applications, can unlock “clearer propositions” for potential storage investment.

Teams of up to four are invited to register interest in receiving the data or a place at the hackathon, taking place 18-19 June. Email for details.

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