SSE: 40GW of offshore wind ‘will not be a walk in the park’


SSE has called on political parties to commit warm words on green energy to paper, warning that ramping up offshore wind ambition to 40GW “will not be a walk in the park”.

Jim Smith, managing director, SSE Renewables, urged parties outlining net zero credentials in the run up the general election to be sure to include concrete targets within manifestos.

Pointing to cost reductions evidenced by the latest round of support contracts at around £40/MWh, Smith suggested committing to more offshore wind provides a least regrets option.

“Maximising offshore wind deployment is now a no-brainer for any government serious about meeting net zero at the lowest cost,” wrote Smith.

Government agreed a target of 30GW of offshore wind by 2030 with industry earlier this year, but Smith said there was “never an upper limit” within that agreement.

To deliver a significant increase in capacity will require “a lot of collaboration between government, industry and stakeholders … to unlock this pipeline of projects”, he added.

Details here.

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  1. More windmills certainly is a no-brainer – an ideal solution for someone of no brain.

    I wonder if Jim Smith can tell us whether his expansive enthusiasm will be quite so vigorous without public subsidy?

    In fact, I wonder if he can tell us of any wind turbine – and its related build costs, infrastructure, maintenance and disposal (after an average of only twenty five years service) – that has or will produce more “energy” (by which I, like other engineers, mean measured as Work Done) than it has or will consume.

    Whilst the Politicians, journalists, grant-seeker and wishful thinkers tilt, Din Quixito like at windmills, a huge phalanx of pensioners hospitals and possibly industry (if we re-create some) will need heat, light, motion AND electrons driving it all..


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