SSE to close Fiddler’s Ferry coal-fired power station


SSE is set to shut down Fiddler’s Ferry by 31 March, taking 1.5GW off the system.

The company has been mulling the decision for several years as Fiddler’s Ferry became increasingly reliant on ancillary services to make revenue. It said the power station’s ‘limited success’ in the capacity market and ongoing heavy losses made up its mind. SSE will consult with employees and try to redeploy people.

Stephen Wheeler, managing director of Thermal Energy at SSE, said the station was “unable to compete with more efficient gas and renewable generation”.

He added: “We have a talented and dedicated team at Fiddler’s Ferry and our priority is to support employees and ensure they have a range of options available to them for the future.  SSE is proud of the social and economic contributions the station and our employees have made for the local area and wider society.”

All coal generation is set to come off the UK system by 2025.

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