New research reveals that the number of drivers expecting their next car to be fully electric has risen by 32% in twelve months. 

A study for Kwik Fit reveals that 11% of drivers who are planning to change their car expect its replacement to be fully electric. 

This compares to 8% of drivers a year ago. When including hybrid vehicles, the number of drivers anticipating opting for a low emission model for their next vehicle rises to 37%, an increase from 33% over the last 12 months.

In the last year, hybrid or fully electric cars have overtaken petrol and diesel models as most drivers’ expected next vehicle. 

Twelve months ago, Kwik Fit’s research showed that the 33% of drivers who expected their next car to be a low emission vehicle were outweighed by the 41% who said their next car would have a petrol or diesel engine. 

This balance has been reversed, with the 37% now stating that their next vehicle would be low emissions outstripping the 35% likely to opt for a diesel or petrol model. (28% of drivers said they didn’t know, compared to 26% a year ago.)

While the greatest deterrent to going fully electric varies in some regions, overall the lack of fast charging points is the biggest factor, cited by 38% of drivers not yet considering swapping over. 

Roger Griggs, communications director at Kwik Fit says, “This research shows that over the last twelve months car buyers appear to have passed a tipping point in the switch to electric cars. 

“But it is also vital that there is visible investment made in the charging infrastructure to ensure that drivers have the confidence to make the switch.”


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