The Benefits of Driving an Electrical Vehicle


The Benefits of Driving an Electrical Vehicle. In the UK, the market for electrical vehicles is booming, with 780,000 fully electric vehicles zipping around our roads and 500,000 plug-in hybrids as of May 2023. Here are some reasons why.

Potentially more sustainable

One of the draws of EVs is their lack of tailpipe emissions, which privileges the owner with an exemption from road tax. Though there’s still a debate surrounding whether these cars are as sustainable as they seem when you consider the manufacturing emissions, efforts to mitigate this are underway.

Enhanced practicality & more features

Another benefit of the rising electric car demand is the innovative boost it has given the car market in general. We have seen the integration of more electronic features, such as complex PCB display software which provides more functional and technologically advanced display systems than previous car models.

This innovation looks set to continue, with NASA currently testing a new type of battery that could replace the lithium-ion variety and be more affordable and efficient, the solid-state battery.

Better for shorter journeys

There are times when electric vehicles are more practical than fuel cars. For example, short trips around town don’t require much range. Conversely, fuel-powered cars are not very efficient for short trips because stop-start driving and constant bends tend to be less efficient. Conversely with an electric car, you can charge between uses and take more short journeys without having to worry about this problem.

Cost effective to run

One of the main attractions of an electric vehicle is the reduction of costs although they do cost more to purchase. But everyday usage costs a lot less, with the cost of an electric charge cheaper than the cost of fuel. Charging your EV from home is the most cost effective option via your mains or a home charging point installation. Those in rental accommodation, with a driveway will benefit from the governments scheme to contribute towards the installation costs.


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