Transforming the energy investment market


Dare, a London based energy tech company using the power of data, analytics and trading expertise to support the energy transition, has been launched today as part of a rebrand.

To harness the commercial opportunities of the global energy transition and fight against climate change, new market and digital solutions are needed to access major energy and short-term power markets and optimise complex physical, financial and contractual positions. This is where Dare comes in.

Facilitated by the latest in technology and trading analytics, Dare will provide faster and data driven energy trading, offer secure and superior returns for renewable asset owners and help accelerate the transition to net zero.

With all the mega trends happening from digitisation, decentralisation and decarbonisation, the derivatives markets play a vital role in discovering prices for everything from a barrel of crude oil to a tonne of CO2. As a strong indicator of the true costs of climate change, there is a unique opportunity for derivatives to support sustainable development.

Ayman Rahman (right), founder of Dare said: “Climate change is likely to drive some of the most profound changes to business and society in our lifetime. We are now at a tipping point and the way we produce, consume and invest in energy must change.Renewable energy is a sustainable and profitable solution. 

“At Dare, we want to take a leading role in the energy transition. While replacing traditional sources of energy completely with renewables won’t be easy, we do need to begin somewhere. By making this exciting pivot into the trade and optimisation of renewable energy, Dare will be helping to reduce the impact of climate change and make the energy markets more accessible and open for investment. We’re excited to begin this next chapter and look forward to our continued growth”. 

The three core focuses of Dare will involve:

  1. Energy, power and renewables trading which will help drive investment into clean energy
  2. Asset optimisation – enabling access, securing the best prices and hedging risk
  3. Return investment – The returns generated from trading activities will be invested back into renewable energy assets, people and systems.

Dare plans to provide 24-hour shift trading with continuous market coverage 365 days a year.


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