Triad, P272 and red zones: ScottishPower launches new commercial energy portal


image002 New innovations and improvements to online account management services are enhancing the customer experience in the commercial energy sector. Business improvement manager at ScottishPower, Danny Parr, discusses the launch of its new Commercial Energy Portal in this sponsored post.

In a world where our industrial and commercial customers are increasingly pressed for time, ScottishPower’s job is now more than just providing energy. We have a growing responsibility to deliver innovative services to business’ which help them to make better energy choices and efficiencies.

That’s why we’ve launched our new Commercial Energy Portal to make energy management as simple and as clear as possible.

Putting the customer in control

Designed to be an invaluable resource for industrial and commercial energy management, the portal provides a convenient tool for business customers and third party intermediaries to monitor and stay in control of their energy – saving them time, and most importantly money.image001

Customers can view and update their online account information all in one place; track bills and payments, add a new site or facility, note a change of tenancy, provide a new connection and even terminate supply to a site.

It also comes with a variety of useful features such as all of the latest commercial energy news available through a live Twitter stream, while a ‘Hot Topics’ section provides useful industry insights.

Keeping track of daily consumption

In addition ScottishPower also endeavour to help companies save money, via an email Triad Warning Service. By subscribing to Triad warnings, businesses receive an alert once a peak time is forecast, allowing them to adjust their energy usage and reduce the fees they pay.

Resources to monitor a business’ day-to-day energy consumption via the portal are also available to help track daily, monthly and yearly energy use. A simple ‘Red, Amber and Green’ (RAG) system provides clients with the analytical data they need to fine-tune their energy use when high distribution charges apply.

By making energy management as simple and convenient as possible, we’re helping more businesses to drive efficiencies and take control of their energy expenditure.

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