UK Power Networks to build “holy grail” microgrid at London City Airport

Tony Blackwell (left), design and interface Manager, UK Power Networks Services & John Higgins, director of transformation and development, London City Airport

UK Power Networks’ services arm is to build a microgrid at London City Airport that combines solar PV, CHP, new substations and automation, doubling the airport’s electricity capacity and boosting resilience.

UKPN Services said the funded package will also reduce the airport’s carbon footprint and improve air quality. The firm will also help enable electric vehicle infrastructure.

London City Airport said it has reduced carbon emissions per passenger by 28 per cent since 2013 and aims to become ‘carbon neutral’ by 2020.

Peter Adams, chief development officer of London City Airport, said the partnership “will ensure we are best placed to maximise our commitment to sustainability and the environment.”

Ian Smyth, director of UK Power Networks Services, said the firm is “designing, building, operating, maintaining and financing” the project, which will unlock “triple bottom line benefits for the airport – lower cost, greater resilience and help towards the UK’s decarbonisation agenda”.

He suggested microgrids “are the holy grail of new sustainable renewable energy networks. Finding ways to make microgrids economically viable and self-funding has challenged global energy markets for decades”.

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