UK renewables capacity hits 39GW


Deeping St Nicholas wind farmInstalled renewable capacity hit 38.9GW in the third quarter of 2017, latest government figures show, up 4.4GW year on year.

Of that total, solar PV stood at 12.6GW; onshore wind almost 12.5GW; offshore wind 6.1GW; plant biomass 2.9GW; and large scale hydro around 1.5GW.

Landfill gas and energy from waste collectively make up around 2.1GW, generation from anaerobic digestion now stands at 450MW and small hydro generation represents 390MW.

In terms of power generated, onshore wind delivered the most output in the third quarter, just short of 5.6 terawatt hours (TWh).

Plant biomass, largely from the Drax power station, delivered 4.7TWh, followed by offshore wind at 3.95TWh and solar PV at 3.9TWh.

Apart from hydro and energy from waste, load factors fell for most technologies quarter on quarter and year on year, although biomass was up significantly year on year, while animal biomass also increased.

See the data here.

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