WPD publishes daily DSR requirements


Western Power Distribution has started producing short-term forecasts of the flexible power, or demand-side response (DSR), that it plans to buy to balance parts of its network, and how much it will pay.

For example, the distribution network operator (DNO) plans to buy 21.5MWh today and tomorrow, for which it will pay £1,612.50 as a standby fee and £6,450 if delivery is required.

The company said the move is in response to customer feedback. It will provide monthly forecast to those that register for them via the Flexible Power website.

Network strategy team manager Ben Godfrey said: “Our short term forecasts will provide participants with a forecast for every day of the upcoming month. We’ll show the MWhs we predict we will need, the time we need it and how much we will pay for it.”

He added that WPD recognised further improvements are required to refine its service procurement as it ramps up flexibility services and asked providers to give feedback.

WPD has also signposted where flexibility might be required in future via its network flexibility map.

The company will broaden its procurement of DSR in February. In the meantime it seeks expressions of interest for those that fall within specific postcodes in 13 zones across Exeter, Rugeley and the South Hams/Plymouth area.

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