Half day seminar can help businesses turn energy compliance into big savings


A recent report from energy consultants Inenco asked the question: does energy reporting really deliver carbon savings? The short answer is ‘yes’. And the good news is that the opportunity goes beyond carbon savings; Inenco’s research reveals that ESOS provides a real opportunity to identify energy savings measures which can help businesses control costs and deliver a significant boost to the bottom line.

Manufacturers have the most to gain

Compliance obligations deliver valuable opportunities across all sectors, but the opportunity is largest in the manufacturing sector. Over 60% of all cost and carbon savings were attributed to this sector, despite just 28% of respondents being manufacturers.

Some areas deliver savings quickly, while others give a slower but still valuable return. Renewables and Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems are a top three savings area for the manufacturing and business-service sectors. For the retail and leisure sector, a focus on heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems can deliver significant savings in under 2.5 years.

Facing the changes ahead

Finding ways to make new energy savings will become increasingly important in the years to come. The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) have reported that the electrification of heat and transport will double demand for power by 2050 and that this is likely to cause energy price peaks over the next 10 years. The message to businesses is to act on compliance discoveries. Only 39% of the businesses Inenco spoke to had implemented their ESOS Phase 1 findings, meaning ESOS remained an administrative burden when it could be transformed into financial benefit.

Discover more

Inenco is hosting an interactive half-day seminar to provide energy and compliance professionals with practical advice and tools for getting more out of ESOS Phase 2 and other compliance schemes.

The event is free to attend and will take place in three locations: Tuesday 4th June, Wilmslow; Thursday 6th June, Bristol; Tuesday 11th June, Birmingham. With a focus on manufacturing, the event is suitable for anyone with responsibility for compliance, energy and driving efficiency within their organisation.

Secure your place today via this link.


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