Arenko and GE build 41MW battery in the Midlands

Arenko: Putting together a portfolio of big batteries

Battery storage operator and developer Arenko will have a 41MW project up and running this year after striking a deal with GE.

GE will supply the system and controls with Arenko using the battery to make money from grid balancing services and other revenue streams using its energy trading platform.

Arenko said it has secured a strategic site and connection in the Midlands, enabling the battery to quickly enter commercial operation.

Mirko Molinari, global commercial & marketing executive, Energy Storage at GE Power, said the project “cements two years of working” with Arenko and would deliver “a battery storage solution which addresses the ever-changing needs of a modern energy system”.

Arenko chief executive, Rupert Newland, said battery storage could “help to make energy bills cheaper for households and businesses” as well as address energy security, while presenting a “complex but exciting commercial opportunity”.

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