Centrica’s Mark Futyan to lead Anesco

New Anesco CEO, Mark Futyan

Centrica’s Distributed Power Systems director, Mark Futyan, is to become CEO at solar and storage developer Anesco.

He succeeds Kevin Mouatt, who steps down next month after four years at the helm

Futyan said he is “delighted to join Anesco,” a firm that has “never been afraid to break new ground”.

Anesco’s Clayhill Farm, a 10MW solar scheme co-located with 6MW of battery storage, is an example of that approach. Mouatt described it as a “game-changer”for the industry and said it has been a “privilege” to lead on such projects. He added that “spearheading the use of 1500v string inverters, which was a first for Europe, is something I am particularly proud of.”

Mouatt will remain a non-executive board member.

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