Choosing an LPG supplier you can rely on


Flogas outlines its credentials as a supplier of LPG in this sponsored post.

For off-grid businesses making the switch from oil to LPG, choosing the right supplier is a top priority.

In previous articles, Flogas has looked at the financial and environmental benefits of switching to LPG for heating, hot water, cooking and powering industrial or manufacturing processes. But what should you look for in your energy provider?

Flogas Britain is a leading UK LPG supplier with more than 30 years’ experience, and a reputation for providing tailored energy solutions to businesses across a variety of sectors. It offers:

  • Competitive pricing: Pricing is always one of the hottest topics, and as a UK market leader in LPG supply, Flogas works hard to keep prices as competitive as possible. It knows that one size doesn’t fit all, so offers a range of packages and options to suit any business
  • Turnkey solutions: Whether you’re looking for LPG cylinder, bulk tank supply, or even a bespoke, metered system for a rural housing development, Flogas offers the products and the expertise to find exactly the right answer for all businesses
  • Start-to-finish project management: From initial consultation, right through to system design, installation and aftercare, its engineers are on hand to guide you seamlessly through the whole switching process
  • Reliable deliveries: With more UK depots than any other LPG supplier, Flogas has a wide-reaching national delivery network serving all corners of the UK – so no matter how rural your business is, it has you covered
  • Inbuilt telemetry: All of its LPG bulk tanks are fitted with advanced telemetry units as standard, which monitor your fuel levels and automatically trigger an order when your LPG drops below a certain level. This means you never have to worry about running out of fuel!

To find out more about LPG or Flogas, and what they could do for your business, call 0800 028 3802 – or visit

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