Smart grids, flexibility and connections: What can your DNO do for you?


Energy network operators seek views on their plans to develop a smarter grid.

Industry body, the Energy Networks Association, has mapped out its programme of work for the year ahead and wants to hear from businesses whether it meets their needs.

Among a raft of work streams are connections and flexibility, with the ENA keen to try and develop a more unified approach across the UK.

Energyst surveys suggest securing connections and export agreements is often challenging for businesses seeking to participate in demand-side response or deploy battery storage or other generation assets.

While DNOs have individual plans to address connections issues, the ENA is hoping to standardise good practice and improve customer service and will consult later this year on its approach.

The work stream will also aim to improve delivery of information from DNOs to customers about flexibility services.

Readers can comment on the full programme here. The ENA is also holding a webinar on 15 February at 10am in which participants can ask questions or make suggestions. Register your interest via

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