Large firms commit to massive EV push: Free report


Some 31 corporates including BT, EDF, Eon, Ikea, Unilever and Vattenfall, have pledged to convert their fleets to electric vehicles by 2030.

The firms are signatories to The Climate Group’s EV100 initiative, which, like the RE100 project, hopes to attract at least 100 of the world’s largest companies as partners committed to cutting carbon and tackling air pollution.

The Climate Group CEO, Helen Clarkson, urged the private sector to get on board, stating that government commitments to phase out combustion engines and incoming low and ultra low emission zones would give a business advantage to proactive firms.

“The private sector has an instrumental part to play in bringing down emissions and cleaning up our air – and there are big opportunities for companies taking action now,” she said.

EDF underlined that view. The firm is making financial gains by committing to EVs, according to Yannick Duport, director of the Mobility Unit at EDF Group.

“EDF Group managed to introduce EV100 as a key performance indicator to the financial sector: now EDF enjoys a €4bn credit line indexed on three indicators of the group’s sustainable development performance, one of which being the achievement of our EV100 targets,” said Duport. “Isn’t that extraordinary? The merger of sustainability and finance in action.”

The group has published its first EV100 annual report. While identifying clear barriers, such as a lack of electric vehicle production capacity and infrastructure, the report also outlines opportunities, such as falling battery pack costs. It provides insight on the plans of 23 members that joined by Q3 2018. Download it here.

The Energyst is surveying businesses considering EV infrastructure deployment. If you can spare five minutes, take the survey here. Anonymised answers will form part of the research component of a new, free report.

Take the EV survey here.

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