Lighting and building controls top UK firms’ 2016 energy efficiency investment plans

Energyst Media's Directors' Energy Report suggests energy efficiency is moving up the corporate agenda
The Directors’ Energy Report suggests energy efficiency is moving up the corporate agenda

Lighting, building controls and behaviour change initiatives are priority energy efficiency investments for UK firms in 2016.

According to a poll of 51 directors and senior managers carried out by The Energyst, 93% of firms plan to implement energy efficiency measures in the next 12 months.  The poll forms part of a new, free report.

Energy efficient lighting looks set to be the most popular measure, with 79% stating they will invest in new kit. Building controls and behaviour change (both 53%) were followed by on-site generation (42%), demand response/reduction (37%) and HVAC investments (29%), according to those polled.

Around four in ten (39%) suggested their business could be more flexible with shift patterns or when it consumers power. That suggests National Grid’s plans to dramatically scale demand response by 2020 may be achievable.

While the majority said they were unable to be more flexible, sharper price signals may force a rethink of what is feasible. The migration to half hourly metering and settlement for more businesses over the next 12 months may deliver those signals. However, only 13% of those polled said they currently engage in demand response programmes, with around two thirds citing either insufficient incentives (30%) or unsuitable equipment or processes (35%) as market barriers.

Survey respondents also suggested ways in which government could improve business energy taxes and decarbonise the economy at lowest cost. These included streamlining and separating taxation and energy reporting, implementing an energy efficiency feed-in tariff, subsidising energy conservation measures identified through Esos and auctioning support for onshore wind and solar.

The report also outlines key energy risks and developments for the year ahead. Download it here, free of charge.

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