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Energy broker and services firm CUB outlines its money saving credentials to the manufacturing and broader industrial sector in this sponsored post.

Understanding, controlling and managing energy spend are central concerns for all businesses in the manufacturing sector.

With some British manufacturers paying nearly twice as much for energy as their European rivals, it’s an area that’s never far from the front page of the broadsheets. Energy-intensive companies are paying the price for climate change policies, which are driving production down in certain industries.

Growth in this industry is directly tied to energy spend, so it’s a natural priority for manufacturers as we enter a new year. Old systems, inefficient machinery or a lack of appetite for becoming more environmentally aware can all result in waste that costs precious time and money.

If your business is not in a position to address the structural or operational issues that may impact your energy consumption, there are other steps to take that can make significant improvements to your expenditure.

Cost savings with a flexible plan

Adopting a flexible, rather than fixed, energy procurement strategy offers manufacturers a cost saving solution while avoiding the financial implications of energy management from a technical perspective.

When undertaking a contract renewal, manufacturers may find savings can be made almost immediately due to the decline in wholesale energy price. By being on a flexible contract, businesses have access to wholesale prices at all times, ensuring that no opportunities are missed.

How to learn more

To discover how a flexible energy procurement strategy could save your business money, simply get in touch with our expert team and arrange an informal meeting by calling 01354 606848 or by emailing We’d be more than happy to discuss how a flexible plan could save you money.

Our track record

CUB has saved an estimated £300,000 for businesses that have taken advantage of a flexible product.

Icelandic Seachill is a leading supplier of chilled fish to the UK retail market. Having been in business since 1998, energy consumption is a central outgoing for the growing business. Our expert team approached Icelandic Seachill in the Spring a number of years ago and since April 2015, we’ve saved 8% (£8,163) on gas energy only, via an EPC.

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