“Twin solar” technologists Naked Energy are targeting new EU territories with two distribution deals announced today.

In September the Crawley-based firm, founded in 2009 by advertising creative Christophe Williams, announced US distribution, plus manufacture in Austin, Texas, of its Virtu PVT range of products, which unite solar photovoltaics (PV) with solar thermal in a single housing, pictured.

Naked claim the combination yields the world’s highest energy density by volume of any solar-capturing energy technology.  It also saves up to 3.5 times the carbon emissions per unit of space covered, compared to conventional PV technology.

As announced today, Portuguese business Tech4Food will now offer Naked Energy’s cutting-edge solar thermal and photovoltaic thermal (PVT) product range to the nation’s food, textiles and hospitality sectors.

Also added to the British firm’s roster of distributors is the Greek division of German engineering contractor Menerga.  Sussex-made solar collectors are set to provide cleaner, more efficient heating to hospitals, swimming pools and manufacturing facilities across the country.

Today’s announcement comes as part of a string of partnerships secured by Naked, to strengthen its position in the European Union.

The VirtuHOT collector, which generates solar heat, recently received top-ranking gold certification from German standards guarantors TÜV. Both technologies are proving instrumental to the decarbonisation of heat and will provide both regions with clean and efficient energy.

Christophe Williams, CEO and co-founder of Naked Energy says: “Both Menerga Hellas Group and Tech4Food are renowned for excellence in their field. We’re delighted to announce our collaboration”.

Alkis Triantafyllopoulos of Menerga Hellas Group added: “Thanks to Naked Energy’s cutting-edge Virtu technology, industries across Greece and Cyprus will benefit from this exciting new partnership. We’re looking forward to accelerating our progress towards our decarbonisation targets, and building a more sustainable future.”

Naked Energy’s distribution deal signed in September with US conglomerate ELM Companies co-incided with its appeal for £10 million of new equity.  Two months earlier Barclays had injected an undisclosed sum into Naked, in return for a seat on the Sussex firm’s board.


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