UKPN launches vehicle-to-grid hub


UK Power Networks has pulled together details of vehicle-to-grid trials around the world at V2G Hub.

The distribution network operator is involved in various EV trials exploring smart charging and flexibility, including Optimise Prime, which includes Royal Mail, Centrica and Uber fleets (though the DNO is still trying to recruit other participants).

It is hoped that using electric vehicle batteries to help balance the grid will reduce the need for massive network upgrades and additional power generation capacity as transport is electrified.

While V2G is nascent, and currently hindered by high technology costs, UKPN believes EVs will soon play an increasing role in balancing local networks, though “more through time of use price signals than implicit flexibility,” according to head of smart grid, Sotiris Georgiopoulos.

Meanwhile, companies such as Ovo-owned Kaluza believe EV batteries will displace large-scale batteries in terms of their ability to provide grid services at lower cost.

The V2G Hub details 65 projects around the world, and also hosts a free V2G report. It is funded by InnovateUk as well as UKPN.

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