UK’s smart grid design: Your views required


The Energy Networks Association seeks views on how to design a GB smart grid. It has published a Baringa Partners impact assessment of the five ‘future world’ scenarios set out last summer.

Those scenarios range from a system where distribution networks act as system operators and call the shots, to one where the electricity system operator (National Grid) retains command, with stages in between where the regional and national system operators co-ordinate around procurement and dispatch of flexibility.

All worlds require greater flexibility. Baringa’s assessment favours ‘world B’ as a least regrets initial pathway.

Taking that path enables flexibility to play a key role in managing and balancing the UK’s power networks, while giving sufficient scope to diverge to any other ‘worlds’ around 2023, when the impact of Ofgem’s charging and access reforms is better understood.

Energy Networks Association chief executive said that approach was “pragmatic”, enabling network operators to continue their current trajectory, while “leaving the door open to more radical changes in the future”.

The ENA has published detail of the impact assessments and via a consultation, seeks views on its proposed approach.

See details here.

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