Veolia joins the new ETL Net Zero Carbon Delivery Framework


Veolia, has secured a place on the new ETL Net Zero Carbon Delivery (NZCD) Framework which is designed to advance progress on public sector’s carbon targets. Specifically aimed at accelerating procurement, delivering cost savings and implementing energy efficiency programmes the company has secured a place on all four lots covering All Encompassing Technologies, Heating and Renewables, Metering / ITT, and BMS. This latest award further builds on Veolia’s contribution to carbon saving energy management delivered through the ETL (formerly known as Essentia) Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) framework over the last eight years.

Working through the EPC framework Veolia has already delivered a wide range of carbon saving energy upgrades to the public sector to meet sustainable development strategies. The NHS projects have been designed for compliance with the Department of Health’s Sustainable Development Unit model requirements for NHS organisations, and also help meet backlog maintenance needs. Carbon-cutting energy efficiency measures have included roll-out of combined heat and power plants, boiler replacement, conversion to low temperature hot water from steam, low energy lighting retrofits, renewable energy, building management system upgrades, variable speed drives, insulation and extensive optimisation works.

Commenting on this latest project, John Abraham chief operating officer – Industrial, Water & Energy UK said, “The public sector and healthcare is under a lot of pressure to achieve cost savings and reach the net zero targets. As part of the framework we will be able to help them reach their targets and minimise the capital outlay needed to achieve this.

“By implementing new energy efficiency measures, and taking advantage of the latest technology the sector will be able to reduce carbon emissions, and at the same time enhance their facilities. We look forward to working with ETL through their NZCD and EPC frameworks to support new clients and tackle climate change’”

Veolia now provides carbon cutting energy services to around 200 public sector customers, and can help to find the optimum way to support the financing of projects, including supporting grant applications. By implementing site wide carbon management strategies the Veolia is at the forefront of delivering significant cost and carbon reductions using proven energy efficient technology, and best practice optimisation, supported by energy awareness campaigns.


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