Founded only five years ago, the London-based operator says its 235MW of grid-connected batteries in the UK contributes to its status as the largest provider of battery-based transmission solutions in Europe.

Recent investments include £750 million in Scotland to progress 1GW of projects in contracts with the National Grid Electricity System Operator, dedicated to securing Britain’s grid as one of the world’s greenest.

Now the British company has agreed terms for its American foray with the US offshoot of JERA, producer of around 30% of Japan’s electricity, and a joint venture between TEPCO Fuel and Power and Chubu Electric Power.

A memo of understanding pledges the Anglo-Japanese partnership to develop jointly utility-scale, grid-connected, standalone and hybrid battery storage projects in New York and New England, easing uptake of renewables in these hubs.

JERA recently announced a joint venture with Uniper to accelerate the production and supply of zero-carbon fuels in the US.  The company has recently acquired thermal power generating facilities at two sites in New England, which they intend as a spring board to renewable energy development.

America currently sources only 20% of its electricity from intermittent renewables. The nation’s attractiveness to overseas energy investors – and storage developers in particular – leapt in August, with the passing into law of President Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act.  This, some analysts believe, necessitates a 40% cut in US carbon emissions this decade alone.

Battery storage plays a vital role in the transition to renewable energy systems as it can provide grid stability and flexibility, storing energy in the face of intermittent generation and releasing it when needed.

Zenobē’s co-founder James Basden said:

“The company is transforming the uptake of clean power across the UK and abroad, and we’re proud to be extending this work into the United States.

“In a country that consumes almost a third of the world’s energy and is increasing its renewable capacity, the need for greater energy security and flexibility has never been clearer. We’re excited to start working with JERA to facilitate the transition to renewables in the US.”


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