Vehicle-to-grid: Enel’s Emotorwerks and EO Charging launch smart EV charger


Emotorwerks, owned by Italian utility Enel, has partnered with UK-based manufacturer EO Charging to launch a smart electric vehicle charger that enables vehicle-to-grid services.

The two are initially targeting the domestic market with a small fast charger that enables scheduling of charge times and response to dynamic tariffs where available from energy suppliers.

“By participating in energy services, such as demand response, drivers can reduce EV operating costs and relieve pressure on the grid at times of stress,” said Valery Miftakhov, founder and CEO of Emotorwerks, a San Francisco-based subsidiary of Enel X.

He thinks the company’s comms and tech, which allows loads from chargers to be aggregated as a form of demand-side response,“will be a significant smart grid enabler for energy companies and authorities to ensure that EVs play a beneficial role in our energy systems at scale.”

EO Charging founder Charlie Jardine suggested EVs “represent the most disruptive technology the modern power network has ever witnessed”.

The rollout will commence in the UK early next year, with Europe to follow. Jardine added that EO will then target the business market, given EO’s existing footprint at fleet operators.

“The phase one launch is focussed on domestic, but we will soon be adding features to support fleet managers and drivers that will enable the real-time trading of home- and depot-based charging so that reimbursement and tax filing can be correct and fair,” he told The Energyst.

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