Limejump adds Ylem’s 20MW Trafford peaker to virtual power plant


Shell-owned Limejump has added Ylem’s new 20MW Trafford gas peaker to its virtual power plant.

Despite challenges due to coronavirus restrictions, Ylem commissioned the engines last month.

The company, formerly Ener-G Natural Power before Centrica bought the Ener-G CHP business and brand name, has a 180MW landfill gas portfolio.

Waste directives mean it can no longer expand that portfolio, so it is diversifying into flexibility and said it has a further 150MW pipeline.

Ylem last year built the first co-located landfill gas-battery storage hybrid in the UK at Harewood Whin near York, deploying a 1MW Dowell battery and charging it via the generators on site. It has worked with Limejump since 2016.

Catherine Newman, Limejump’s new chief operating officer, said Ylem had done well to get the scheme live despite lockdowns. Ylem managing director, Ian Gadsby, said Limejump had been instrumental.

“They pulled out all the stops to get Trafford up and running during this difficult and challenging period.”

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