Ofgem publishes draft renewables-energy storage collocation guidelines


Ofgem has published draft guidance around collocation of energy storage at renewable generation sites that qualify for subsidies under the Feed-in Tariff (Fit) and Renewables Obligation (RO) schemes.

The regulator underlined that the guidance is in draft form and suggested generators seek technical and legal advice before progressing collocation projects to avoid jeopardising their subsidy revenues.

The guidance states:

There are four overarching principles that operators of RO generating stations or owners of Fit installations should consider when thinking about co-locating storage with generation accredited under the schemes. These are:

1. Co-located storage does not change generators’ obligations to comply with the RO and FIT scheme requirements.

2. Generators can only receive support for eligible renewable electricity generated by an accredited RO generating station or FIT installation.

3. Installing storage will not alter the Total Installed Capacity of the RO generating station or FIT installation.

4. The schemes’ eligibility requirements are not changed by the type of storage technology.

See the draft guidance here.

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