Volvo FM Electric for R Swain


R Swain and Sons has put a new Volvo FM Electric 4×2 tractor unit into service, working on its contract with CPI Books.

The FM Electric, supplied by MC Truck & Bus, is based at CPI’s depot in Lordswood, Kent, and covers approximately 100 miles per day across the south east, before returning to base to charge overnight on a newly-installed 43kW AC charger.

Electric supply comes from 100 per cent renewable energy at CPI’s base.

The haulier supplies CPI with a transport and delivery solution for 120,000 tonnes of printed materials annually.

Replacing a diesel truck in the firm’s delivery fleet, it is estimated to save about 75 tonnes of carbon emissions each year.

Powered by three electrical motors which generate 666 hp and 2,400 Nm of continuous torque, the FM Electric is equipped with the maximum six batteries.

The haulier currently has another FM Electric working for Maersk as part of its container distribution division.

Supplied via a five-year agreement from Volvo Financial Services, the new FM is backed by a full Volvo Gold contract which covers all maintenance and repairs, including proactive monitoring of batteries and associated components.

R Swain & Sons is part of the Swain Group and has a fleet of more than 400 vehicles, as well as the largest flatbed trailer fleet in the country.

James Wyatt, Group Operations Director, The Swain Group, said, “Volvo Trucks invited us to Sweden for a presentation of its electric technology and we were very impressed.

“Where there is the opportunity to provide these new technologies, we are very open and willing to do that.”


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